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Yes, you will be pampered, but a SkinRx Facial is so much more than a relaxing experience. We use proven products, techniques and tools to transform your skin and restore your youthful glow.


Light Therapy

Light energy produces a natural, photobiochemical reaction at the cellular level to heal and renew living tissue. Red light stimulates collagen and elastin production while increasing circulation and cellular energy. Blue light kills acne causing bacteria. With regular sessions fine lines, elasticity and acne breakouts are all improved.


The Quickie

Just what you need to feel refreshed and get your glow on. Gentle exfoliation, customized treatment mask and hydration leave your skin polished, rejuvenated and brightened.


Gua Sha

A special rose quartz stone is glided over the contours of the face and neck to improve circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. This ancient eastern technique relaxes tension in facial muscles that can cause fine lines to develop. Meridian points are stimulated to improve the flow of vital energy. The face and neck are calmed, lifted and overall tone is improved. 



A diamond tipped wand is used to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells and improve circulation. This excellent mechanical exfoliation procedure increases the rate of cellular turnover while improving overall texture and tone. Expect to see fresher, brighter skin with a more even tone and refined pores.



A surgical scalpel is used to gently remove the top layer of dulling dead skin cells revealing a brighter complexion. A dermaplane facial also temporarily eliminates vellus hair aka 'Peach Fuzz.' Cellular turnover is increased and skincare products are better absorbed. Expect softer, smoother more vibrant skin.


Honey Enzyme

This luxurious, gently exfoliating, hydrating facial enhances skin with a light massage and soothing hydration. The skin is left exceptionally smooth and dewy. Expect a dramatically smoother, brighter and revitalized complexion with renewed glow and clarity.


Hydrojelly Facial

A Korean skincare favorite, this new generation of electrolyte infused peel off masks are made primarily from algae. Rich in polysaccharides, bioactive algae deeply nourishes the skin with peptides, antioxidants, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. This powerful treatment mask provides excellent hydration and repairs the skins trans epidermal water loss barrier. Also a rich source of  oxygen, Hydrojelly Masks  provide detoxification, brighten and boost skin’s defenses from environmental stressors. Choose from our extensive menu of Hydrojellys including Egyptian Rose, Antioxidant Gogi and Vampire PLLA Infusion, to name a few. Add to any facial for $30.



Fire & Ice

This intensive clinical treatment is designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing, softening, and encouraging overall skin rejuvenation. Excellent for all skin types and ages, this facial results in a complexion that is dramatically refined, with no downtime, peeling, or irritation.



An ideal treatment for acneic, oily or congested skin. Deep cleansing is followed by exfoliation with Polynesian Black Sand Silica and ultra fine pumice. Steam and extractions clear and refine the pores. An intensive mask of black earth clay unclogs pores, absorbs excess oil and leaves skin polished and smooth.


Pore Detox

An excellent treatment for breakout prone skin. This peel alternative used a special blend of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids to purify, exfoliate and clear the complexion without downtime. Steam and extractions clear the pores of cellular debris leaving a fresher, smoother, clearer complexion.


Oxygen Infusion

Like a breath of fresh air for your skin! Brighten, lift, plump and calm your skin with the Oxygen Infusion Facial. Each treatment is customized to address individual skin conditions. Skin concerns such as general aging, hyperpigmentation, acne rosacea and redness can all be effectively treated. Pure revitalizing oxygen and supercharged skincare formulations are delivered deep into the dermal layer to transform skin from within.


Gold Therapy

24k pure gold is infused into the skin, activating cell renewal during this luxurious facial. Instantly brightening, gold has powerful antioxidant and antiinflamitory properties. Excellent for all skin types, gold therapy detoxifies, oxygenates, brightens and improves elasticity. This facial is an amazing sensory experience and will leave you glowing, renewed, refreshed and radiant. 



Forever Facial

This relaxing treatment may feel like a delightfully warm facial massage, but it shows deceptively powerful results. A special device emitting Radiofrequency energy is gently glided over the contours of the neck, jaw and face. Collagen and elastin production are stimulated to firm and plump the skin. Circulation and lymphatic drainage are improved leaving skin toned, refreshed and glowing. 


Microcurrent Lift

Enjoy lifted, tighter skin instantly with absolutely no downtime. Results are often so dramatic that Microcurrent is also known as the Non Surgical Facelift. Two types of wands that emit a low level of electrical current are used to physically manipulate the musculature of the face and neck. The low level of current provides biostimulation, giving muscles the energy needed to hold a more lift, contour and tone. Facial muscles are tightened, lifted and more youthful contours are restored. Increases cellular energy and circulation while promoting collagen and elastin synthesis. Results are both instant and cumulative.


The Supernova

This beautiful bundle combines the Forever Facial and Microcurrent Lift to tighten, tone, lift and refine. Radiofrequency & Microcurrent energy combined with pneumatic suction tighten the skin and reveal an more contoured neck and jawline. Provides excellent lymphatic drainage while stimulating dermal remodeling and improved muscle tone. Your lovely results are both instant and cumulative.  


The Tripple Crown 

This powerful trifecta works synergisticly to leave skin polished, lifted and plumped with a combination of Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent Lift and Oxygen Infusion. Bundle for all the fabulous benefits and excellent savings. 



Thousands of micro channels infuse powerful active ingredients deep into the skin while stimulating your skin's natural, beneficial healing response. New collagen is formed, revealing firmer, smoother and more supple skin. The dermal layer is remodeled to reduce scarring, improve texture and smooth fine lines. Hyperpigmentation, pore size, acne scars and crepeness are all improved. Microneedling is safe and effective for all skin tones. A series of three treatments is recommended for best results. 

$300 or 3 for $750

Aquagold Microinfusion

Microinfusion, aka mocrochanneling, delivers powerful theraputics and plumping hyaluronic acid into the skin while boosting new collagen and elastin production. Our rejuvenating infusion serums contain the purest pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid available. Choose Ultimate Radiance to deliver premieum plumping benefits, or Targeted Toning to brighten, clarify and renew. See skin that is instantly plump, juicy and bright with a renewed luminosity.

$550 or 3 for $1500

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels remove outer layers of skin to fade fine lines and hyperpigmentation, refine pores and increase cellular turnover. See fresher, brighter, more even toned skin. Whether you want a little extra glow with minimal downtime, or a more comprehensive treatment, we have the right peel for every individual concern and skin tone.

Prices start at