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Body Contouring


Our quick, comfortable treatment options result in a slimmer, sleeker silhouette and firmer, tighter skin.

Treatments are safe and effective for all skin tones. Best results will be seen in those within thirty pounds of their ideal weight.



Provides permanent and dramatic results, often immediately post treatment. 

Erbium laser energy penetrates through the skin and deep into subcutaneous fat where it permanently destroys stubborn fat cells. Most will see results immediately after each procedure and can see a 3 - 4 inch loss with a series of three treatments.

Procedures are highly effective, quick and very well tolerated with absolutely no downtime.

Upper & lower abdomen, flanks, inner & outer thighs and upper arms are all popular treatment areas. 



Studies have shown that our muscles grow larger and stronger from the time we are we are born until around age 30. At some point after we turn 30 Sarcopenia (muscle deterioration) sets in and we begin to lose muscle mass.


The BodyTone is a unique muscle toning device that uses bio-electric energy pulses to exercise different muscle groups to prevent muscle atrophy.  Through muscle re-education, the BodyTone will strengthen sculpt and tone weak muscles and help regain and rebuild muscle mass.


Muscle confusion is required to increase muscle mass and to keep your muscles growing. BodyTone uses a series of proprietary waveform patterns to dramatically change the size, shape, and tone of your muscles.


The BodyTone twists, flexes, and contracts specific muscle groups to simulate a heavy workout. It generates approximately 20,000 muscles contractions within 30 minutes.  BodyTone results will yield a stronger, tighter core and well-defined muscles in the treated area. In most cases the BodyTone can create up to 30% increase in muscle development.

BodyTone BootCamp 

Complete six treatments within a three week period to build, tone and define one area. 


Muscle Membership

Maintain your new muscle mass with two treatments per month for excellent savings when you join. 

$300 per month

Single Treatment

Single treatments can be added on to your BodySculpt or BodySmooth treatments to enhance results. 




Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling tightens and smooths loose skin, improves the appearance of cellulite, scars and overall texture anywhere on the body. 

Tiny needles are used to deliver radiofrequency energy deep within the dermal layer where it is highly effective at stimulating collagen production and tightening loose skin. Expect impressive improvements in

  • laxity

  • texture

  • wrinkles

  • suppleness​

  • scarring

  • cellulite

These quick, easy treatments require essentially no downtime and no lifestyle modifications. Three or more may be recommended for best results. 

A free consultation is recommended for pricing.

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