Laser Hair Removal

Fast, permanent and essentially painless, laser hair removal is the ideal way to eliminate unwanted hair.

All skin tones are safely and effectively  treated with our state of the art 810 diode laser.

A series of at least six treatments spaced four to eight weeks apart are recommended for best results. Those with very dark skin tones may require more treatments.

  • Botox Fillers PRP Microneedling Microblading Madison Al

  • Nonsurgical Body Contouring Madison Al

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  • Laser Treatment Madison Al-Fractional Radiofrequency Micro Needling

Treatments are appropriate for many areas of the face or body where there is terminal hair you wish to remove. Below is a just short listing of some common treatment areas. If your area is not on this list, please reach out for pricing. 

Lip & Chin $100

Underarms $150

Full Arm $300

Bikini $150

Full Brazilian $275

Full Leg $600

Knee Down $300

Upper Back $250

Full Back $350