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Light Therapy

Skin RX: Light Therapy and Tattoo Removal

Have you heard about all of the uses for light therapy? At Skin RX, we offer low-level light therapy, AKA photobiomodulation, which uses the power of light energy for therapeutic benefits. The natural, photo-biochemical reaction provided by light therapy happens at the cellular level to heal and renew living tissue. Light therapy safely and effectively treats everything from acne and aging skin to muscle and joint pain.

Our light therapy sessions use Celluma Panels with blue-light that destroys acne-causing bacteria resulting in clearer skin with fewer breakouts. The red and near-infrared light boosts the production of collagen and elastin, repairing and renewing the skin. And if you have pain caused by inflammation, infrared and red light reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and stimulate cellular repair.

These days we can even use light therapy to aid in tattoo removal. At Skin RX, we use various light therapy, which can treat 95 percent of tattoos. Using light therapy for tattoo removal can take several months, with most tattoos requiring between five and ten treatments for complete removal. Also, keep in mind that tattoo removal treatments must be at least six weeks apart to allow the skin to heal and flush away the tattoo ink.

Are you looking for tattoo removal? Are you ready to commit to a series of light therapy sessions? Then get in touch with Skin RX today for a consultation.

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