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Low level light therapy also know as photobiomodulation, uses the power of light energy to obtain therapeutic benefits. 

Light energy produces a natural, photobiochemical reaction at the cellular level to heal and renew living tissue. Light therapy safely and effectively treats acne, aging skin and muscle and joint pain.


Celluma Panels are available to use in the comfort of your own home. Contact us to purchase or rent yours today.


Light Therapy Sessions

Each of our Celluma Panels can be used to treat acne, aging skin or pain and inflammation.

Acne - Blue light destroys acne causing bacteria to clear and prevent breakouts. 

Aging - Red and near infrared light boost the production of growth factors, collagen and elastin to repair and renew the skin.

Pain - Infrared and red light reduce inflammation, improve circulation and stimulate cellular repair. 

Celluma Pro

Celluma's flagship product and the panel we use at SkinRx, the 3-mode Celluma PRO treating Acne, Wrinkles and Pain, is quite unlike any other LED panel device available today. Ideally sized for over the face, the Celluma PRO can be positioned easily over any part of the body, including the spine, hip or shoulder complexes, feet, knees, and more. The Celluma PRO is stand-free, hands-free, lightweight and portable. 1 pair of protective eye goggles and 1 International Adapter Kit included.

Celluma PRO measures 24” x 10” overall with a treatment area of 15” x 8”.


1 week rentals are $275.

Celluma Lite

The 3-mode Celluma LITE delivers the same powerful results as the Celluma PRO in a more compact size ideally suited to use at home or while traveling. While designed specifically for positioning over smaller areas, such as elbows, wrists and knees, the Celluma LITE can be used anywhere on the body, including over the face to treat facial skin conditions, acne and pain (pictured here in the Acne mode).

Celluma LITE measures 16” x 8” overall with a treatment area of 14” x 6”. Included with purchase are 1 pair of Facial Rests, 1 pair of protective eye goggles and 1 International Adapter Kit.


1 week rentals are $175.

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