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What is The Microcurrent Lift?

What is Microcurrent and why is it an all time favorite at SkinRx? Let's take a closer look.

Microcurrent Facial reeducates facial muscles.

To really rejuvenate skin we need to address what lies beneath. Microcurrent specifically targets and treats the musculature of the face and neck. Using both manual manipulation and bio-stimulation, Microcurrent achieves beautiful, dramatic and immediate results.

Facial Muscles

We all know that our facial muscles allow us to make a vast array of expressions. You may even have Botox or other neurotoxin injections regularly to soften lines and wrinkles etched into skin by some common facial expressions. In addition to making expressions, healthy facial muscles provide lift, tone and contour to the face and neck. Our 43 different muscles in the face and neck attach directly to the skin and have a profound effect on our appearance.

Manual Manipulation

Microcurrent uses a tiny (one millionth of an amp) electrical current to stimulate muscles. Using two probes the muscles are gently massaged at the insertion and origin points. Using these probes and proper technique, our Medical Aesthitician will 'reeducate' the musculature. Overworked, tightened muscles will relax and soften. Atrophied, loosened muscles will tighten and tone. This results in softened fine lines, a lifted face and neck with restored youthful contours. Eyes are lifted, cheeks are plumped and the nasolabial folds are plumped and lifted. Results are often so dramatic the procedure has become known as the Non Surgical Facelift.

Microcurrent lifts, tones and restores youthful contours.


The electrical current that is used stimulates many beneficial and restorative cellular functions. Studies show that after a Microcurrent treatment, ATP (the molecule providing energy for cellular functions) is increased by an astounding 500 percent! Membrane transport increases allowing cells to take in nutrients and discard waste. With abundant energy and nutrients skin cells now launch processes to repair, rejuvenate and renew. Collagen synthesis is stimulated to plump and firm the skin. New Elastin is synthesized restoring youthful texture and suppleness.


Immediately after Microcurrent, expect to see fine lines smoothed, nasolabeal folds softened, a lifted brow, fuller cheek and a more even tone to the complexion. There is absolutely no downtime with this procedure. You can easily resume your normal routine. In fact, The Microcurrent Lift is an excellent treatment to prepare for any special event. Results of Microcurrent are both immediate and cumulative. A series of at least six treatments completed within a three week period will provide long lasting results. Monthly maintenance is recommended thereafter.

My Experience

I was absolutely thrilled with my own results after just one Microcurrent treatment and continue to see improvements.

Each time I enjoy The Microcurrent Lift, I am thrilled to see lifted, fuller looking cheeks, smoothed fine lines and a lifted brow. My complexion looks brighter, less ruddy and more even toned.

By the way, the same beautiful results are seen with Microcurrent Body treatments. It is an excellent option anywhere you wish to tighten skin, improve muscle tone and see an overall glow.

For a free Microcurrent Consultation, visit us in our Madison, Al office.

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